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This is a looooonnnnnggg story, so I will shorten it as best I can:

I purchased a Pandigital Novel eReader on 10/31/11. I was very happy with it until, in mid-January, it quit working entirely. It wouldn't even power on! I called tech support and they eventually decided they would replace it. That's when all the trouble started. They wanted me to ship the defective unit to them (at my expense), and then, once they received it, it would take 3-5 weeks for me to receive a replacement! Are you kidding me? I've never dealt with any company the did that! After fighting with them for a week or so and not getting anywhere, I shipped it back to them. They received it on January 30th. I began calling them every day that entire week and they kept telling me they hadn't received it (and yet I had confirmation that they had). I asked to speak to a supervisor each time and was told I would receive a call back: I NEVER did! Finally spoke to a supervisor on 2/8/12! They "found" my unit on 2/10/12, but I was told on 2/13/12 that it would be 3-6 weeks BEFORE I would receive my replacement (even though I've already waited twice that amount of time). Was told there was "nothing they could do".

In short: do not EVER buy a Pandigital product! I know I won't.

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i would have never bought pandigital digiframe for the price withour rebate. this is full cheating from pandigital and kohls. i am tired for followups and leaving...

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